Origin Support direct via OriginLab

In order to provide you with best possible service, you can have direct access to the support group of OriginLab. Just click on link below and you will be redirected to OriginLab support pages. You can return afterwards to the MVB Scientific pages by just closing the OrignLab window.

Link to contact OriginLab Support

Origin Support direct via MVB Scientific

In case you want to contact directly the support group of MVB Scientific, please click on the link below and you will be directed to the general contact page.

Link to contact MVB Scientific Support

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Service Release 1 for Origin 2018

Origin 2018 SR1 is a full installation package. It can be used to update existing Origin or OriginPro 2018 SR0 (b9.5.0.193) installations; or it can be used to install Origin or OriginPro 2018 on new computers.

This service release addresses a short list of bugs and we encourage all users to apply this update.

Reasons to Update
    • Long delay when clicking on the Plot menu.
    • Clicking the Save Project button when you append an OPJ to an OPJU file, saves the file as an OPJ.
    • Various issues related to User Accounts and Unicode characters.

Download: Origin 2018 SR1 installation files , EXE/ZIP/ZIP+CHM (help files below)


You can download this service release in EXE or ZIP formats and the ZIP format can be downloaded with or without the CHM (built-in help) files.

    1. Download Origin/OriginPro 2018 SR1 from the links provided above. It does not matter where you download the file. If you download the ZIP package, extract the file.
    2. Close Origin/OriginPro 2018.
    3. Double-click on the downloaded Origin 2018 SR1 EXE file to launch the setup program.
        ◦ If you have previously installed Origin/OriginPro 2018 SR0, choose the Repair/Upgrade radio button and follow the prompts.
        ◦ If you have NOT previously installed Origin/OriginPro 2018 SR0, you will be prompted for your serial number. Enter your license information and follow the prompts.
    4. Once you have installed Origin/OriginPro 2018 SR1, you may run Help: Check for Updates to obtain the latest CHM (Help) files; or you may download them from the Help Files link above and add them to the appropriate \Localization subfolder, as described.

Note: When you have run the new installation file, your Origin version number should be 195. You can confirm that the installation has completed successfully by launching Origin/OriginPro and selecting Help: About Origin.